07 Jan 2019

Lostock Skip Hire have unrivalled experience when it comes to skip hire Chorley. Offering a suitable solution for domestic and commercial customers, we can help you to get rid of your waste in a way that’s convenient – saving you the time and effort.

If you’re to get more out of your skip hire Chorley, there are several things to take into consideration, including the following:

  • Plan your project

Deciding to hire a skip will make it easier for you to dispose of waste.

It’s better to plan ahead, making sure that you obtain the permits for your skip hire Chorley prior to starting your project. Order the right sized skip for the volume of waste you expect to be generated and have the waste ready to dispose of.

As well as this, try to recycle as much as you can and donate items that are still usable – this will instantly free up space inside your skip.

  • Book the right skip

Ordering the wrong skip for your skip hire Bolton will leave you paying more than you need to. If you order a skip that is too small, a second skip will be required to ensure that you have sufficient space to store the excess materials that cannot fit.

On the other hand, selecting a skip that is too big will mean that you pay for the fresh air inside your skip.

Why not request a quote for domestic skip hire Bolton today?

  • Separate your waste

Skip hire Leyland is ideal if you’re clearing your property. It allows you to remove ornaments, furniture, fireplaces and other fittings that can be difficult to dispose of.

Sorting through junk makes it easier for you to identify what you need and what you don’t need. The services that we provide for skip hire Leyland are arranged to offer convenience and allow you to get rid of waste quickly and easily.

  • Strategically load waste

When it comes to skip hire Preston, there is an art to loading waste – allowing you to maximise the space available and ensure that there are no gaps.

Another way to get more out of your skip hire Preston is to saw or break up awkwardly shaped items. Doing this will prevent you from filling your skip too quickly and will allow you to squeeze more in.

The best thing to do is to start with heavy items at the bottom of the skip and throw lighter materials in last – making sure that there is no empty space inside the skip.

  • Don’t overload it

Here at Lostock Skips, we only accept level loaded skips to ensure that there is no compromise to health and safety. Waste shouldn’t be falling out of the skips that we deliver for skip hire Wigan and it should be easy for us to lift them onto the back of our fleets.

Fines are issued to those who choose not to follow skip hire regulations and overload their skip regardless. In addition to fines, you’ll either need to order another skip or have the excess material collected, which costs you more in the long run.

  • Keep hazardous waste out

Hiring a skip is a practical way to remove junk and other unwanted items but there are certain items that cannot be thrown in the skips that we provide at Lostock Skips.

Asbestos, batteries, chemicals, fridges, freezers, paint and TVs are all examples of items that are restricted from skip hire Wigan and should be disposed of carefully.

When we collect skips from your premises, we take them to be sorted thoroughly at the sorting facility- so don’t be tempted to hide it in the middle of your skip!

If you need to know more, contact us today and our team of experts will be more than willing to offer advice and guidance.