05 Dec 2018

Are you planning a project but undecided which skip you need? It can often be difficult to decide which one you need when there are so many different sizes available to choose from and here at Lostock Skip Hire, we accommodate for projects of all sizes, no matter how big or small that they may be.

The primary difference between a domestic and commercial skip is the size and this can influence how much waste that it can hold. When looking for skip hire Chorley, always be realistic and order a skip that will store the waste that your project generates safely.

To decide whether you need one of the smaller domestic skips that we offer or a larger commercial skip, you need to think about the scale of your project.

Garden Landscaping

If you’re planning to update your garden, you’re going to need somewhere to store the waste that is generated. Needless to say, you won’t be able to fit all garden waste inside your green wheelie bin and we don’t recommend fly-tipping it either.

The domestic skips that we supply for skip hire Chorley are surprisingly spacious and are available in several sizes, ranging from 2-cubic yards, all the way up to 16-cubic yards. When it comes to storing garden waste like grass cuttings, garden furniture and trees, the domestic skips that we have available are great.

Construction Project

Here at Lostock Skips, we provide commercial skips for skip hire Chorley to suit almost any construction project that is expected to generate a substantial volume of waste.

We suggest ordering a commercial skip if you’re undertaking a large scale project because these ones will ensure that you have more than enough space to dispose of construction waste safely and reliably.

The commercial skips offer an abundance of space and can save you time ordering a skip every time that your skip is full- ensuring that you experience fewer disruptions to your project.

DIY Project

When you generate too much waste to fit in the wheelie bin, you can often resort to packing it up and loading it into the boot of your car. Although this allows you to dispose of materials at the local tip, it can also cause damage to the interior of your car (depending on the type of waste) and is less environmentally friendly than skip hire Wigan.

To save you time, effort and money on petrol, we offer skip hire Wigan to those who are undertaking DIY home improvements. We deliver our domestic skips to your premises and position them somewhere that is easily accessible- allowing you to throw materials in as soon as they are generated.

Demolition Project

A demolition project is likely to produce much more waste than a DIY project and we suggest ordering a commercial skip. The commercial skips for skip hire Leyland are designed to be practical and offer an easy solution for waste disposal.

Instead of leaving waste to pile up and cause an eyesore, skip hire Leyland allows you to organise waste in a way that’s simple yet effective. We can also help you to eliminate the risk of trip hazards and serious injury.

In choosing a commercial skip for your skip hire Leyland, you have the opportunity to fit more waste in, making sure that it doesn’t exceed the side of the skip.

Home Renovation

Renovating your property can produce all kinds of waste, including old furniture and broken equipment, not forgetting paint and other DIY equipment for decorating!

The commercial skips are bigger than the domestic ones that we provide for skip hire Bolton and this can be reflected in the cost. Choosing the right skip will make the whole difference between a cost-efficient investment and an expensive investment.

For home renovations, we suggest ordering a domestic skip, perhaps one of the 12-16 cubic yard open skips which are perfect for storing lightweight materials? These are priced competitively and are suitable for all budget requirements.

Office Refurbishment

If you’re in the middle of an office move, there’s bound to be a huge amount of waste that needs disposing of and we can help you- here at Lostock Skips. We specialise in skip hire Bolton and provide a wide range of commercial skips that are designed to make it easier for you to get rid of office equipment that you no longer need.

Throwing out old office furniture is essential if you’re planning to invest in new equipment and our commercial skips for skip hire Bolton make it easier for you to remove materials that are difficult to store and dispose of.

Property Move

Moving to a new house is stressful enough but we make it more convenient for you to get rid of unwanted materials. Hiring one of the skips that we provide for skip hire Preston allows you to rid yourself of clutter- making sure that you only pack the essentials for “the big move”.

The domestic skips that we deliver are guaranteed to reduce the tedium of driving to and from the local tip. These are the most popular choice of customers who are moving to a new property because they’re great for one-off projects.

Business Waste

Here at Lostock Skips, we cater for all businesses, offering affordable skip hire Preston. If you’re looking for regular waste collection, you’re sure to benefit from our commercial skip hire services. We can arrange to deliver a new skip when we collect your full skip, allowing you to get rid of business waste efficiently.

The skip hire Preston services that we provide for businesses are offered on a regular basis, to suit the needs of your business operations. We aim to provide a reliable service that keeps your premises clean and tidy- ensuring that professional standards are maintained.

For more information regarding domestic and commercial skip hire, don’t hesitate to call us on 01204 698 153 today!