04 Jul 2018

Commercial skip hire is just one of the services that we specialise in, here at Lostock Skip Hire. We make sure that our skips are delivered to a destination of your choice, providing you with a convenient solution for disposing of unwanted waste.

Commercial Skip Hire.

Our commercial skip hire services are widespread, we accommodate the needs and wants of customers throughout the North West of England, including Preston, Leyland, Wigan, Bolton and Chorley.

Any work that is undertaken at your property needs to be safe and if safety isn’t your priority, why isn’t it? Skip hire Leyland is ideal if you’re looking to store immense volumes of waste that your business generates; not only will one of our skips allow you to remove waste from your premises but will essentially provide you with a safe storage solution for materials that are no longer required.

When it comes to understanding how to use your skip safely and responsibly, you’re in capable hands with the team at Lostock Skip Hire!

  1. Purpose of Skip Hire.

There are countless reasons why customers choose skip hire Leyland, one of the main ones being to keep costs to an overall minimum. Although the cost of skip hire Leyland varies slightly to skip hire Preston, you can expect to receive a cost-effective solution for disposing of waste.

Choosing Lostock Skip Hire will allow you to comply with regulations, staying clear of any expensive fines. Skip hire Preston is designed to make it easier for you to maintain safety standards on site, again, allowing you to keep your costs low.

With skip hire Preston, we also provide you with the opportunity to recycle as much waste as possible, reducing the volume of waste that’s sent to landfill annually.

  1. Waste Types.

Investing in one of our skips for skip hire Wigan is seemingly the best way to remove waste that’s been generated from your construction project. There are certain do’s and don’ts to skip hire that you need to be mindful of, including the types of materials that you throw inside the skip.

Whether it be general waste, compact or non-compact waste, our skips are designed to store all shapes and sizes reliably, saving you the hassle of driving back and forth to the local tip.

Commercial skip hire Wigan is also ideal for storing inert materials like concrete and ceramics, as well as garden waste like soils and plants.

The following types of waste are not to be combined with other waste:

  • Plasterboard
  • Electricals
  • Timber
  • Metals
  • Dry mixed recycling (i.e. cardboard, plastic and paper)

But should you need to dispose of these materials, consider hiring a separate skip for the different types of waste.

  1. Waste Management.

Here at Lostock Skip Hire, we specialise in skip hire Wigan, allowing you to manage waste effectively. Depending on the volume of waste your project generates, you may be interested in onsite segregation.

Onsite segregation simply refers to the separation of materials, sorting them out effectively. The smaller commercial skips, like the 8-yard enclosed skips, are perfect for reducing your disposal costs.

By choosing skip hire Bolton, you could also benefit from specialist disposal. Our enclosed skips keep your waste dry and secure, out of harm’s way, preventing any potentially dangerous consequences arising.

If you’re looking to dispose of heavy materials, you should consider hiring a low-sided container. The domestic skips are often more suitable for dense materials because they are low-sided which allows you to load them easily and quickly.

SPACE – Make sure that you have enough space to place your skips. Skip hire Bolton is suitable for projects of all sizes, but you also need to take into consideration the large loading vehicles that we use to collect skips.

Try not to block access to driveways and entrances, choose somewhere safe and suitable to place your skip overnight.

TIME – In order to meet tight deadlines, you need to plan your project in plenty of time. Ordering a skip in advance will allow you to choose the most suitable one for your project and will eliminate disappointment and disruption. At Lostock Skip Hire, we aim to deliver skips on time, no matter where you plan to leave your skip (whether it be on your driveway or on the road in front of your property).

Planning ahead will allow you to keep your skip hire Bolton costs low, avoiding the risk of exceeding the duration of your hire and being handed a fine.

  1. Loading Skips.

Overloading your skip may allow you to complete your project sooner but is in fact illegal. As with any of the services that we provide, skip hire Chorley is your responsibility, therefore, you need to make sure that waste can be transported without compromising safety standards.

Ideally, you should start with lighter materials at the bottom of your skip, followed by heavier items towards the top. Smaller sediments and materials can fill the gaps to ensure that you squeeze as much waste in as possible and creating a level surface (but without exceeding the maximum fill level).

By following the safety tips provided by Lostock Skip Hire, for your skip hire Chorley, you have every opportunity to dispose of commercial waste, in line with the law. At Lostock Skip Hire, you can expect to receive a hassle free service that is tailored towards your exact needs and wants, not forgetting your budget.

For more information about commercial skip hire Chorley, feel free to give us a call on 01204 698 153 today.