06 Jun 2018

Are you undertaking work on your home this summer? Regardless of what improvements you’re making to your property, it’s highly likely that you’ll produce a significant amount of waste, therefore increasing the demand for waste disposal.

Once you’ve started your project, what do you do with the waste that’s produced? Do you throw it in your wheelie bin? Perhaps you fill the boot of your car with it and drive it to the tip? Offering an innovative alternative for waste disposal, Lostock Skip Hire specialise in skip hire Wigan and various other areas across the North West.

Instead of making trips back and forth to the landfill site- which are tedious and time-consuming- skip hire in Wigan is guaranteed to provide you with countless benefits. Find out more here!

Safety On Site.

Rather than sorting through your waste singlehandedly, Lostock Skip Hire can take care of this for you. Separating your waste can be dangerous, especially if materials are broken.

The team at Lostock Skip Hire can deal with broken glass, sharp metals and damaged wood, essentially preventing the risk of injuries. Choosing skip hire Chorley will also ensure that hygienic measures are taken.

Any materials that are stored in your skip need to be handled safely by professionals- hence why we offer skip hire in Chorley. Our team of experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to waste disposal in Chorley, so you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands.

Save Time and Effort.

Taking your waste to the landfill site is disruptive to say the least. Skip hire in Bolon is provided to make it easier for you to dispose of waste quickly, allowing you to meet all deadlines.

Saving you the hassle, our domestic skips for skip hire in Bolton are delivered and collected from a location of your choice, providing you with a more convenient service. Hiring a skip from us at Lostock Skip Hire can improve productivity too.

Environmental Sustainability.

Undeniably, sorting through waste can be an arduous job for anyone who’s improving their home or business- even those with a wealth of experience! The services provided by Lostock Skip Hire are not only tailored to accommodate some of the most diverse needs but also offer an environmentally friendly method for disposing of waste.

We offer skip hire Leyland too, a minimally invasive method for waste disposal. Lostock Skip Hire aim to recycle as much waste as possible, taking it to the recycling centre, instead of the landfill site. What’s more, we make sure that waste is disposed of and treated effectively.


Whether you’re looking for skip hire in Leyland or skip hire in Preston, we supply skips for everyone. Our skip hire services are tailored to suit the requirements of all customers who are looking for a solution to store the waste generated from their domestic or commercial project.

The skips for skip hire Preston are available in all shapes and sizes, making it easier for you to find exactly what you need to store the waste from your project safely.


Skip hire Bolton is ideal if you’re looking for affordable waste disposal. By choosing the right sized skip, you can instantly save money. Ordering a skip that’s too big will result in you paying more than you need to, whilst a skip that has insufficient space will leave you having to spend money to have the leftover waste collected.

To prevent trips to the local landfill site, we offer domestic and commercial skip hire to match your exact needs, including your budget requirements.

Here at Lostock Skip Hire, you can expect to be faced with no hidden fees. We make sure that you only pay for the skip that accommodates the volume of waste generated from your project.

Correct Waste Disposal.

Skip hire is one of the most convenient ways to remove waste from your property (whether it be your home or your business). You are not only held responsible for the skip but you’re also liable for the contents held inside.

Our skip hire services reduce the amount of waste that’s sent to the landfill site, providing you with the reassurance that your waste is dealt with effectively and handled with utmost care.

Any skips that are to be left on the road will require a skip hire permit which can easily be obtained from the local council. Lostock Skip Hire are more than willing to obtain this permit on your behalf, saving you the time and ensuring that your skip hire is legal.

If you need any more information about skip hire, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Lostock Skip Hire; simply call us on 01204 698153!