05 Jan 2018

Managing your waste should be a main priority for anyone undergoing home improvements or updating the office! With the help of Lostock Skip Hire, you can easily keep your premises free from clutter, why not consider one of the domestic or commercial skips that we provide?

Specialising in domestic skip hire, we have the know-how for what works best, so if you’re looking to dispose of your waste efficiently, look no further than Lostock Skip Hire!

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to disposing of waste safely and sustainable; including the following:

✓ Do consider laws and legislations.

When tackling waste disposal, you need to be mindful of any current rules and regulations, this will prevent you from being handed a nasty fine.

By adhering to stringent policy, you know what skip hire Preston entails and how to make it successful!

✓ Do consider the environment.

When it comes to transforming the old into something new- you cannot go wrong with Lostock Skip Hire! We aim to dispose of 80% of the entire contents within your skip, on your behalf and we do so by taking your waste to the recycling centre.

Rather than taking materials to the landfill site, we recycle the materials that are held inside our domestic skips, ultimately preserving raw materials.

Do choose a suitable skip size.

You want to choose a skip that can accommodate your waste perfectly. No matter what you’re looking for, we can help you to find a skip that suits your project requirements.

You want to make sure that your skip provides you with sufficient space to store your waste, ensuring that you don’t exceed the fill level. If in doubt, feel free to ask one of our experts for advice!

Χ Don’t pass the blame!

A skip that’s on your premises or in your possession is your responsibility. Hazardous waste cannot be stored inside any of the skips we supply for skip hire Wigan, so you need to make sure that these are disposed of separately.

Disposing of hazardous materials in your skip will compromise safety and the quality of materials that can be recycled- we recommend you avoid this because we will refuse to collect your skip once it’s full.

Χ Don’t fly tip.

If you’re looking for an alternative waste disposal method, you cannot go wrong with the domestic skip hire services that we supply or our tipping facilities. Skip hire Preston can save you time, effort and money- can you afford to miss out?

By choosing one of the skips that we provide for skip hire Preston, you can easily eliminate paying the fine for disposing of waste incorrectly! Fly tipping is not environmentally sustainable, whereas, skip hire is- be sure to choose wisely!

Χ Don’t waste time.

Skip hire Wigan is seemingly time-consuming, however, that’s where you’re wrong! With our knowledge and expertise, you’re in capable hands- we make sure that waste is managed effectively.

Our domestic skip hire services are guaranteed to be more convenient, they make it easier for you to separate your waste, making sure that materials are recycled correctly.

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