05 Jul 2017

As true skip lovers, we consider skip hire to work wonders when it comes to disposing of waste efficiently. However, not every country takes such a unique approach to waste disposal and it’s truly baffling how they can adapt such diverse policies!

OK, so what makes them so different?


Well, Australia is a firm believer of saving the environment, as are we in the UK. They don’t quite offer cheap skip hire Chorley but they adapt a similar waste management programme for waste disposal.

Skip hire in Australia is very much like the skip hire we have in the UK, only theirs is more movable, with their skips featuring wheels make them easy to navigate from one location to the next.

If you’re enquiring to hire a skip Bolton, you’ve come to the right place. Lostock Skip Hire have served the industry for over 20 years and are always providing customers with exactly what they want and need in order to complete their waste disposal projects in a timely manner.

The United States of America.

In the USA, the skips are referred to as “trailers”. These are easily adapted to suit the specific needs and requirements of various applications. Because they are trailers, they make transportation from sites to recycling centre rather simple.

Skip hire Chorley prices vary depending on the size of the skip you require, this is the same for skip hire in the USA.

As with us here at Lostock Skip Hire, skip hire in the USA is convenient for both residential and commercial needs, however, the American skips are most popular in commercial sizes, above 30-cubic yards accommodating for immense volumes of corporate waste.

South Africa.

In South Africa, they take a clean approach towards waste disposal, ensuring that standards are maintained.

South Africa refer to skips as “skip bins” but other than this, they are very much the same as the skips we have, here in the UK! They meet the needs and requirements of domestic and commercial customers, ensuring that they have a reliable waste disposal storage solution.

With Lostock Skip Hire, you have the choice of a wide range of skips, ranging from 2-yards to 40-yards! They allow you to dispose of unwanted materials safely and in a way, that’s clean and environmentally friendly.


From Dover to Calais, who would’ve thought that there could be such a great difference between the two views on waste disposal?

However, in France, they tend to prefer to use the local tip over skips. The French consider skip hire to be expensive, whereas, in the UK, it’s seen as a cost-effective solution.

As well as this, they don’t want to waste their time separating materials that aren’t permitted in skips, as they believe it to be extremely time-consuming and costly.

Lostock Skip Hire is ideal for those of you who are looking for services in the UK, especially if you require the cheapest skip hire Bolton?

So, now you know how other countries tackle problems with landfills and their viewpoints on skip hire!

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