01 Jun 2017

There is more to hazardous waste removal than you may have initially thought. Here are some of the ways you can remove hazardous waste:

Ask yourself whether the waste is dangerous?

If you’re looking for skip hire Preston or skips for hire in Chorley, Lostock Skip Hire ask that you only fill the skip with non-hazardous materials.

Dangerous materials can not only affect the environment but personal health too. Hazardous waste that’s thrown into Wigan domestic skips provided by Lostock Skip Hire can lead to serious medical conditions. These medical conditions are caused by hazardous waste such as asbestos. Asbestos can lead to the development of lung cancer and asbestosis!

As well as this, don’t dispose of batteries within your skip.

Be responsible.

Lostock Skip Hire can help you to protect the environment and health and well-being. Hiring a skip from us will allow you to dispose of your waste safely, however, it’s essential you only fill the skip with safe products. If you need any advice regarding what can and can’t go in our skips, feel free to speak to our team of experts!

If you already have a waste management plan, then why aren’t you adhering to it? Be careful what products you throw out – they can contaminate other recyclable waste meaning that the waste has to be treated before it can be recycled. We advise you to pay particular attention to what you’re filling your Lostock skip with, separating the hazardous from the non-hazardous waste will enable you to save money.

Keep electrical waste out.

Nowadays, we are always using electricals. However, did you know that they can be extremely harmful and you shouldn’t dispose of them alongside your general waste?

If you’re looking for skip hire in Preston and are considering a skip from Lostock Skip Hire to accommodate for your unwanted/damaged electricals – we ask you to reconsider. Electricals are a form of hazardous waste and they aren’t suitable for skips, if disposed of incorrectly, these can cause amongst other things numerous forms of cancer. Why not consider our local tipping facilities? This way you can keep your electricals separate and take these to the tip where they can be recycled!

Comply with current legislation.

The skips for hire in Wigan are delivered using our up to date fleets, providing you with a reliable service. It’s suggested that you keep up to date with the latest updates regarding hazardous waste disposal, making sure that you’re only filling your skip with suitable materials.

Lostock Skip Hire can help you to stay well-informed at all times, we pride ourselves on delivering free advice and support to those who need it. If you are unsure about whether the waste you generate is classed as hazardous waste, we can supply you with sufficient documentation!

Here at Lostock Skip Hire, we have skips for hire Chorley and skips for hire in Wigan, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today – we can help you to dispose of hazardous waste safely!