24 Mar 2017

Skip hire has already seen radical changes over recent years, but how can it improve even more?

Lostock Skip Hire and Adlington Skip Hire is a family run business which offers a wealth of expertise when it comes to commercial and domestic skip hire. You can rely on us to deliver a service that’s punctual and efficient, all our fleets are up to date with the latest technology, allowing you to track the exact location of your skip. If a skip isn’t what you’re looking for, we also have tipping facilities and a weighbridge. It’s our aim to meet all customer demands associated with safe waste disposal.

At Lostock Skips, we hope to generate more customers, allowing us to work towards the global goal of reducing pollutants and increasing the number of recyclables. If we can deliver a service to more people, we are making a step in the right direction because we collect the waste from the skips and take it to be recycled (eliminating the need to burn or throw away waste material!)

The introduction of new technological advances has allowed everyone to discard waste in a more environmentally friendly fashion. This can be achieved through incineration. Incineration is the process of using heat and electricity – this is ideal for materials that are non-recyclable and in the past, would simply have been buried in landfill sites, polluting the environment for years to come. This method, along with other new methods for waste disposal, is one way Lostock Skip Hire and Chorley Skip Hire can look forward to a promising future!

If fewer materials are sent to landfill, and more people choose Lostock domestic skip hire, not only will it be better for the planet, the health and well-being of the population can benefit to, as the air becomes cleaner and landscapes aren’t ruined by the eye sores that are landfills. In the future, skip hire will become even more popular because landfill taxes are set to rise. With a significant increase in tax, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing your bit, recycling as much waste as possible – hence why we are in favour of a zero-landfill policy! Already, at Lostock Skip Hire, we are responsible for recycling 90% of the contents within your skip, and we hope to increase this in the future! This is an ideal method to be environmentally friendly and reduce the costs of waste disposal – saving you money!

Again, we provide commercial skip hire to companies who generate immense capacities of waste. Despite this method already being sustainable in terms of saving time and money, we aim to be more sustainable in the future, delivering a transparent, reputable, honest service, and we aspire to provide the best waste management provision around.

The future for Lostock Skip Hire is bright. We are driven by providing excellent customer service, meeting and exceeding domestic and commercial requirements. Already, we are able to deliver your skip in good time – we’ll arrange a time that is suitable for you to have your skip dropped off and then you’re free to load the skip. Once your skip has been filled, we will collect your skip and take it to be recycled.

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