09 Jan 2017

According to the UK Green Building Council, some 400 million tonnes of building materials are delivered to site every year. Of that, 60 million tonnes goes straight to tips due to over ordering. 109 million tonnes of waste is generated by the industry annually, with 36 million tonnes ending up in landfill sites.

With the UK government’s drive toward zero waste to landfill by 2050, the construction industry has some serious re-thinking to do. Whether a large construction company, or small jobbing builder, all need to play their part in reducing the volume of waste generated – or pay the price in ever escalating costs. Here are five ideas which may help reduce the amount of construction waste you generate.

Improve Ordering Procedures:
Efficient construction waste management begins in the drawing office. Material requirements need to be more accurately estimated, and ordered with a view to minimising over ordering for all materials. Not only will you be reducing your waste from the very beginning, but saving on material costs as well.

Improved Material Storage:
Far too often bricks, blocks, timber, plasterboard, and other materials are stored haphazardly on site. Pallets of bricks and blocks are allowed to slip and break. Lengths of timber are driven over by site vehicles, and plasterboards cracked and damaged by miss-handling.

A designated material storage area, preferably fenced, flat level ground for palletised stock, and an off-ground covered area for timber, plasterboard and other materials will minimise damage and misuse of costly materials.

Think Recyclable/Reusable Waste:
Use a reputable construction waste collection company such as Lostock Skip Hire and A1 Skip Hire. We don’t just deliver empty skips and pick up full ones. Our recycling manager will be pleased to discuss all aspects of minimising the waste you generate.

We can deliver any number and size of skips to allow you to separate all materials into recyclable/reusable bins. We already recycle over 90% of waste we collect, reducing our costs – so we can help you reduce yours.

Think Compacters and Balers:
Large construction sites generate large amounts of waste. Material packaging and other recyclable waste can be baled and stacked ready for collection, while helping improve site cleanliness and employee safety. Other waste materials can be compacted to ensure maximum value from your waste collection.

There are a large variety of both compacters and balers available, from small, manually operated machines to larger semi and fully automatic units. Have a chat with your local waste collection company to get the low down on using balers and compacters, and start to reduce your waste management bill.

Choose a Reputable Waste Collection Company:
Old style skip hire companies are fast disappearing. These days, long established, reputable companies such as Lostock Skip Hire and Bolton Skip Hire concentrate their efforts on separating the maximum amount of waste which can be recycled and reused. This minimises landfill charges, and reduces waste disposal bills for you the client.

That rubbish in your skip is becoming increasingly expensive to dispose of. By working with a good waste collection company, taking advice on what can and can’t be salvaged, and putting in place a properly thought out waste minimisation programme, will reduce your carbon footprint, help the world become a greener, cleaner place, and most importantly, reduce overheads and increase profits.