19 Dec 2016
  1. You Could Face a £50,000 Fine if You’d Don’t Have One

It may be tempting to avoid hiring a skip especially if you are not sure how much waste you will have by the time you complete a renovation project. You could, of course, fill up your car with rubble and bin bags and take to the nearest official waste recycling centre. For this you could end up making five or more trips and ruin your private car with building or gardening waste. Unfortunately, many take the decision to just tip their waste beside trees and behind unused buildings. To you, it is just dropping a few harmless bags of rubbish that will be cleaned by the council anyway. To the government you are seen as a criminal destroying the environment which could land you in a lot of trouble. The penalty for Fly Tipping in the UK can reach as much as £50,000 and you could also find yourself in jail for up to 12 months! Bolton Council take fly tipping very seriously.

Lostock Skip Hire and Leyland Skip Hire can help you avoid the costly penalty of fly tipping by providing an affordable skip for commercial or domestic use in Lostock and the surrounding areas.


  1. It is Not Always Necessary to Get a Skip or a Skip Licence

When do you need a skip? Well, the answer to this question will depend on whether you have a commercial van or not. If you are a company and already have a building van that can carry waste material then you could carry some of your waste to your local dumping site for recycling yourselves. However, this may not be suitable for heavier loads of waste since the time and cost involved in moving huge amounts of waste could become prohibitive and negatively affect your timeline. If you are an individual doing a gardening or renovation project then you have to try to estimate the amount of waste that will be generated during the process. For example, stripping your wall paper before decoration is unlikely to require a skip to handle the waste and you could just as easily throw the bin bags into the boot of your car for disposing later. However, if you are tearing out your old kitchen in preparation for a brand spanking new one, then you would probably not get away with chucking the old units and boiler into your boot. If you are in any doubt about whether or not you really need a skip and skip permit, then get in contact with Lostock Skip Hire or Wigan Skip Hire who will gladly advise you on your options. You may just be able to use a rubbish tipping service where rubbish is collected from your address and disposed of an appropriately ethical manner.


  1. Location of Skip and Prohibited Waste

A skip licence/permit is only valid if the location of the skip is in accordance with the rules and regulations of Bolton Council and this stipulates that no skip can be place on pavements or blocking any access points. You can contact Bolton Council for further clarification on this.

Hazardous materials and asbestos are not allowed to be disposed of in a skip and must be dealt with by specialist handlers.


  1. May Need Warning or Safety Lights

You may need to put warning or safety lights around the skip to make sure it is clearly visible in all whether conditions. Reflective markings are always required where ever the skip is located.


  1. Contact Details Must be Displayed

All skips that are placed on a public highway must clearly display the name and the contact details of the company from which it was hired. This does not just apply Bolton Council, but also the entire United Kingdom.