08 Nov 2016
Whatever your project, from a home decoration or renovation to a garden clearance, if you expect to be generating a lot of waste then clearly you need to give some thought as to how to dispose of it safely, cheaply, and conveniently. While your local council’s tip might be the first option that springs to mind, it can make a lot more sense to hire a skip, especially for larger jobs that result in harder-to-handle kinds of waste. If you’re currently in the planning stages for your project, it might help to consider the following points when making the choice between skip and tip.

Skips Save Time and Energy
No matter how much waste you need to dispose of, at Lostock Skips we will have a skip of the right size to handle your needs. You can concentrate on the job in hand rather than constantly interrupting your work to make repeated trips to the tip each time your car boot is filled.

A Labour-Saving Option
Most jobs that generate a lot of waste will be labour-intensive to start with, and the last thing you’ll need is to spend half your day loading and unloading your car. With a skip, this extra effort is removed completely: simply fill the skip, and we will take care of the rest.

Protect Your Car
If you have only a few bin bags of relatively clean, lightweight waste to dispose of, then of course using your car to pay a visit to the local tip is convenient and cost effective. However, if your project will result in more dirty and difficult-to-handle waste, then don’t underestimate the amount of work you may need to put into cleaning your car once the work is finished. The dust and debris from such items as plasterboard can be very difficult to completely clear from your car’s interior, while the potential damage to upholstery caused by nails, splintered wood, or broken masonry makes using your car a risky business indeed.

Simple and Convenient
When you hire a skip from Lostock Skips and other local Skip Hire companies such as Leyland Skip Hire, we will take care of both delivering the empty skip and disposing of the waste, so you can concentrate on your renovation or clearance project. We can even arrange for the necessary highways permit from the council so that the skip can be located by the roadside, on the pavement, or wherever is more convenient. Compare this to the extra hassle of carrying waste to your car (which you won’t necessarily be able to park conveniently close), and it’s clear that a skip can be a less stressful option.

Save Money Too
At first glance, skip hire may seem to be an unnecessary extra expense on top of the costs of your project. However, look a little more closely, and the cost savings become clearer. It’s easy to underestimate the fuel costs involved in multiple trips to the tip by car, especially when filled with heavy, gas-guzzling loads. You’ll also have to consider possible expenses for cleaning your car once the job is completed. Add to that the costs of physical disposal, depending on the policies of your local council, and the expense can quickly mount up. With skip hire, you know in advance exactly how much you’ll be paying.

It goes without saying that for smaller and less messy jobs, using your own transport to dispose of the waste may be the quickest, cheapest, and most convenient option. However, as the size and complexity of the project increases, hiring a skip starts to make a lot more sense. If you’re in any doubt as to whether to choose the tip or a skip, here at Lostock Skip Hire we will be happy to discuss your options with absolutely no obligation or sales pressure, as will our Skip Hire Company in Wigan.