12 Sep 2016

Lostock Skips is based in its own premises in Horwich, Bolton. It has an excellent reputation for providing a range of waste management services. There are five key reasons for choosing Lostock Skips to provide a fast, reliable solution for both domestic and commercial clients.


1. Consistently Low Prices

Skip prices are related to the size of the skip that is ordered. At Lostock Skips, all prices are set at market-beating levels, so that you will always have value for money when ordering a skip. Delivery and collection are free of charge. All vehicles are fitted with trackers, and this means that the service is run efficiently. Costs are kept low, without compromising on the quality of service. Skips can be hired easily and delivered promptly. Prices are affordable and flexible, making this an ideal choice for all your skip hire needs.


2. Outstanding Service

The company has been run as a family business for more than two decades. Over that time, the firm has expanded its range of services to include skip hire, tipping and waste removal for an increasingly wide range of different clients. In this business, experience counts, and there is always plenty of expertise available to advise regular clients and new customers on the best options for their needs. From the very first call, to completion of the task in hand, customers always come first. If you are a domestic client, and need to place a skip on a public road, Lostock Skips will deal with the local council procedure for gaining the appropriate permission. If you are a contractor or builder, Lostock Skips will fit its services around your schedule. It couldn’t be easier, thanks to the dedicated professionalism of the administrative staff and drivers.


3. Wide Choice of Skip Sizes and Types

A key strength of Lostock Skips lies in its large fleet of vehicles and wide range of different types of skip. The skips are designed to suit commercial, industrial and domestic needs. The largest options are 22 to 40-yard Roll On Roll Off Skips. These robust containers are designed for waste removal from medium to large construction projects. They can hold the usual range of construction waste products such as wood, bricks, concrete, metal, plastic, etc. Smaller skips from 2-16 yards are designed for commercial and domestic use. There are 8-yard skips with a drop door, designed so that you can easily load materials from the ground. For lighter loads (between 12 and 16 yards) there are open skips. Enclosed compactor bins, 8-yard enclosed skips and 10-yard enclosed skips are also available. The premises also offer an option to bring waste materials to the tipping yard, and this is very cost-effective for smaller quantities. A weighbridge is on site, as well as expert recycling facilities, including scrap metal and end-of-life vehicle disposal, all at competitive prices.


4. Convenient Delivery Times

Delivery and collection times are arranged to suit the needs of each customer. In many cases, skips can be delivered within one hour. Collection is also by arrangement, and it is possible to agree weekly or monthly lifts as well as lifts on demand. The business is located right next to the M61 in Horwich. This is ideal for delivering a fast and reliable service across most of the North West.


5. Longstanding Regional Expertise

Lostock Skips has the advantage of knowing the central part of the North West of England very well. The business covers Bolton Skip Hire, Wigan Skip Hire, Skip Hire Horwich, Chorley Skip Hire and the surrounding areas. The drivers are well aware of local regulations on skip hire, road placement and overnight safety. They will ensure that skips are either craned into a safe space, or properly protected with overnight lighting if necessary. Thanks to this specialist, regional expertise, you will never need to worry about the administrative and legal aspects of hiring a skip from Lostock Skips.


6. First and Best Choice

These five reasons show why https://lostockskips.co.uk/is the first and best choice for industrial, commercial and domestic skip hire in the North West. Contact Lostock Skips for a friendly, reliable service that is licensed and insured for both large and small-scale waste management solutions. Lostock Skips cover Wigan, Bolton and Chorley and may more local areas.