10 Aug 2016

Skip hire is one of the easiest and convenient ways of eliminating clutter from home during remodelling as well as removing building waste during construction or renovation. People need to realise that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to skip hire in Wigan since they come in different sizes to ensure that they meet all your project requirements.

The biggest problem when hiring a skip is during the determination of exact size that best suits your needs. Many people do ask, “What skip size do I need? Well, the answer depends on the kind of project that you want to accomplish.

Hiring a smaller skip means hiring twice, a decision that can lead to double prices. You also run a risk of overfilling it, which leads to conflicts with collection refusal on grounds of safety. On the other hand, hiring a larger skip for a small project means paying higher prices, this can be more than your needs regarding the skip hire charges.

Another thing to consider when it comes to skip hire in Wigan is the storage after delivery. If you have a smaller storage space, it means you cannot order a large skip owing to these storage challenges.

The following are tips for choosing the right skip hire in Wigan that can comfortably suit your project.

Lock skip offers cheap skip hire, which is categorised by cubic yardage or tones. They come in three different types. Mini skips, midi skips and the maxi skips.

The Mini Skip
Mini skip is the smallest one to hire, and it measures approximately 4ft long and 3ft wide. It is classed as a 2-ton cubic yard mini skip, which is commonly used when one is carrying out DIY jobs such as general household rubbish removal, garden clearing and shed or small room clearing out. This skip is not common in hire companies since it only holds 2 cubic yards of waste owing to its small size.

The Midi Skip
Midi Skip is the most commonly hired and it comes in 4-ton cubic yard skip and 6-ton cubic yard- small builder skip. The 4-ton cubic yard midi skip: This is approximately 6 ft long and 4.3 ft wide, and is classed as a 4-ton cubic yard midi skip. It is suitable for large clearance jobs like landscaping, replacement of old kitchen, and refurbishment of such rooms as bathrooms and other rooms. The midi skip can hold between 65 to 70 bags of waste bin bags and this makes them the most commonly used skips by companies in the UK.

6 Cubic Yard – small builder skip
The 6 cubic yard capacity is approximately 8.6ft long and 5 ft wide. It is smaller of large sized skips and mostly used for large amounts of waste and in a large-scale garden clearing.

Maxi Skips
Maxi skips consist of an 8 cubic yard, which is a larger variation of builders skip and is approximately 12ft long and 5.6ft wide. It is commonly used for generating heavy waste and carrying of large pieces of furniture like three-piece suites.

Maxi skip is ideal for use in large-scale building projects that involves large excavation jobs while digging foundations during house extensions and in clearing jobs for completed renovations, owing to its capability of coping with large volumes of waste.

RORO skip
RORO skip is also known as “roll on roll” and is commonly used with large containers rather than skips them. Its waste handling capacity is considerably higher than all the other mentioned skips above, which makes it a rare commodity for Bolton Skip Hire, Chorley Skip Hire, and Skip Hire in Horwich markets.

Lostock skip hire is a specialist company operating in the UK and offers cheap skip hire services. Their services cover areas like Bolton, Chorley, and Horwich. The company offers domestic and commercial skip hire services according to the customer’s specifications. They have friendly prices and are compliant with the environmental agency to ensure that a maximum amount of waste is recycled.

If you are in the areas of AthertonBolton, Wigan, and Horwich and looking for cheap skip hire, you can pay them a visit or visit their website on https://lostockskips.co.uk/ for more on what they offer.